Gallery: Formal 2013

Formal -0213Formal -0212Formal -0211Formal -0210Formal -0209Formal -0208
Formal -0207Formal -0205Formal -0204Formal -0203Formal -0202Formal -0200
Formal -0199Formal -0197Formal -0195Formal -0194Formal -0190Formal -0188
Formal -0184Formal -0175Formal -0171Formal -0167Formal -0164Formal -0158

Formal 2013, a set on Flickr.

The photos from Formal 2013 are here! Formal took place on Saturday, October 12th in the Circus Room in the Bone Student Center. Check the images out on our new Flickr account.

All photos were taken by Andrew Novak – GAISU extends a huge thank you to him!

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