Relay for Life Update

This year’s Relay for Life event is coming up soon! Everyone has done an excellent job so far raising money. We have done so well, in fact, that Golden Apple ISU is currently in the lead at Illinois State University for funds raised with over $2,000! That is double our goal! Great job, everyone; you’re helping to end the fight against cancer! Keep it up until April, and be sure to thank everyone who has donated!


Now that the night of Relay is getting closer, it is time to make preparations. Nathan Titus’ grandmother has made an abundance of the quick-selling heart-shaped pillows that we sold at Relay last year. These will be in ISU and sports teams colors and will go for $10 each. If you want to buy one, now might be a good time to reserve one as these go very fast the night of Relay! Contact Nathan Titus to reserve a pillow.

Also, Community Service Chair Alysa White requests that everyone who is planning on doing Relay signs up for our team AND pays the minimum $10 donation by no later than Friday, March 21st. The following day, team shirts will be ordered. These will feature the Golden Apple ISU logo that we feature on our website! So, if you want to be on our team and get a shirt, please be sure that you sign up online by clicking “Join Our Team” here.

Keep up the fund raising, and great job! This is already our best year of Relay for Life yet! Keep making a difference.

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