Letter from Dannielle Mitchell

The following email is from Dannielle Mitchell. ISU GApples be sure to email your grades to her ASAP.

With the holidays approaching and your courses coming to an end, this is a friendly reminder to please e-mail your posted grades including term GPA and cumulative GPA to me at mitchell@goldenapple.org.   It is essential we work together to ensure your academic success.  Please do your part and e-mail me your grades so I can see your progress and determine how I can assist you in spring 2016.

As your fall courses come to an end, I understand final exams can be very stressful.  If you are taking final exams, please review the helpful tips on test taking below:

1. Avoid “cramming” for a test.  You know that trying to master a semester’s worth of material the day before a test is a bad way to learn, and you’ll feel justifiably anxious during the test.  Instead, prepare thoroughly and then prepare some more.  The confidence you gain through extensive preparation reduces anxiety.

2. Study with classmates who not only have a good grasp of the subject but also exude confidence about their ability to do well in the course.  A successful attitude is contagious.

3. When studying for a test, ask yourself what questions the instructor could ask and create answers for them.  When you see questions on the test that you fully answered during your study sessions, your confidence will soar.

4. While preparing for a test, eat well, exercise, and enjoy social activities.  These actions will contribute to good physical health and a positive attitude, both of which will assist your test-taking.  Once you sit down to take your exam, relax physically.  Tighten and release muscles while breathing deeply.  These efforts will keep oxygen flowing through your body to reverse the physiological impact of anxiety.

5. While taking the exam, start by answering the easiest questions first to increase your confidence.  If your mind goes blank on a question, skip the question and move on.  Don’t sit there worrying about one question that you cannot answer while ignoring all of the ones you can.  If you have more time at the end of the test, come back and give the question another try.  

I hope you find the aforementioned tips to be very useful.  Remember, Golden Apple requires that you obtain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA each semester.  Good luck!

I am looking forward to reviewing your fall grades.  I have high expectations for your academic success.

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