2014 Spring Banquet

The first annual Spring Banquet was held on Friday, May 2nd in the Circus Room of the Bone Student Center. It was a lovely night for Golden Apple Scholars at ISU to celebrate the wonderful year we have had with successful socials events, community service, and strong efforts to improve our RSO and reach out to the Golden Apple family in Illinois.

Following the outstanding dinner provided by the Bone’s catering services, Gapples watched a slideshow of the highlights from the school year and welcomed President Timothy Sullivan as he made a gracious speech. There was also an awarding of Gapple of the Month for April and May as well as those two Gapples who earned the most GA points for being the most involved this semester, and these were the same two Gapples: Demri Jade and Kara O’Sullivan! Finally, we recognized those Gapples who will student teach in the next school year and will therefore not be with the RSO next spring. They were each presented with a Golden Apple, a surprise courtesy of Katie Oberman!

The night was a bittersweet goodbye before finals week would commence. After singing along to ‘Lean on Me,’ a Golden Apple Scholar tradition, we said our goodbyes and went on our separate ways.

View the photo album from the banquet here.

Thank you to the Executive Board, especially Social Chair Katie Oberman and her Social Committee, for planning this great dinner. A special thanks to all of those who made time in their busy study schedules to enjoy one last night together for Golden Apple ISU. We wish the best of luck to our Gapple family as they take finals, head off to Summer Institutes, and take one step forward toward graduation!

Mark Your Calendars: Spring Banquet May 2nd

On May 2nd, 2014, we will hold the first annual Spring Banquet for Golden Apple ISU in the Circus Room in the Bone Student Center. It will be planned by Social Chair Katie Oberman and her committee in conjunction with the Executive Board, and it will serve as our final event of the 2013-2014 school year. We will celebrate this year for Golden Apple ISU, say goodbye to those graduating and student teaching, and have some fun before finals week and summer vacation. All Golden Apple Scholars attending ISU will be invited, as well as alumni of Golden Apple ISU and those at the office of the Golden Apple Foundation. More information will be released soon.