2015 Elected Executive Board

At the December meeting on 12/4/14, a new Executive Board for Golden Apple ISU was elected.

President – Cassie Thill
Vice President – Alec Rigik
Secretary – Daniel Jackson
Treasurer – Demri Cameron
Social Chair – Katie Oberman
Service Chair – Kara O’Sullivan
Technology Chair – Andrew Frey

Congratulations to the new Executive Board and thank you to the old! We are excited to see the future of the RSO under new leadership. Also, thank you to everyone who came out to vote and help set the course for Golden Apple ISU.


November Meeting and Executive Board Elections 2014

Our November meeting will take place on Thursday, November 20th at 7pm in DeGarmo Hall room 208. This meeting will feature fun activities, new announcements, and nominations for the Executive Board elections that will take place at our December 4th meeting. This will also be our last standard meeting for the Fall 2014 semester. We will discuss final events before Winter Break such as our annual Jingles and Jammies Community Service at the Children’s Discovery Museum and our Holiday Dinner, and those in attendance may help make decisions in planning these events.

If you are interested in running for a position on the Executive Board, please review the descriptions in our Constitution so that you are familiar with the responsibilities. Please make arrangements to have someone nominate you if you are unable to attend the November meeting. Gapples may choose to run for one or more position, but can only win one. Nominees must be present at the December 4th meeting and prepared to make a speech and answer questions from the voters.

We look forward to seeing you all at our November meeting!

Mandatory Meeting With the Golden Apple Foundation

Scholars Program Assistant Directors Corey Richardson and Lanier Zimmer from the Golden Apple Foundation will be visiting Illinois State University on Thursday, November 13th. They have organized a special meeting at 7pm with all Gapples at ISU in Schroeder Hall room 242. This event is mandatory. You can RSVP to our Facebook event for this meeting here.

If for any reason you will be unable to attend this mandatory meeting, please email Corey and Lanier at Richardson@goldenapple.org and Zimmer@goldenapple.org.

October Meeting & Halloween Party 10/23

This month’s Golden Apple ISU meeting will be part meeting, part Halloween party! On Thursday, October 23rd, all Gapples at ISU are invited to DeGarmo 208 at 7pm for pumpkin decorating and a Halloween costume contest. All of those who attend will receive a Dom Belmonte “Domfather” or Jim Sorensen “Fun-O-Meter” tee-shirt, and the winner of the costume contest will receive a special prize. As usual, we will also discuss news, events, and opportunities for Gapples at ISU and ask members for their input on what the RSO will do in the remainder of fall semester 2014.

To discuss this event or to RSVP on Facebook, click here. We hope to see you all there in your best costumes!

Teaching in the 21st Century Events

This semester, ISU’s College of Education is holding their annual T21 Speaker Series and Teaching in the 21st Century Conference. These are excellent resources on educational technologies for all future teachers at ISU. Gapples should consider attending these professional development programs.

T21 Speaker Series

Each semester, the T21 Speaker Series brings new guest speakers into Studio TEaCH (DeGarmo 307) to present on topics relating to technology and how it can be used to enhance classroom learning. At each presentation, a different topic will be presented. Previous topics include technology for the visually impaired, how to use social media to build your professional profile, and how to integrate iPads into an early childhood classroom.

For more information and to sign up for a presentation, click here.

Teaching in the 21st Century Conference 2014

T21Con is a hands-on, engaging learning opportunity designed for current and aspiring educators to gain an edge in using technology in the classroom. The effective integration of educational technologies has become increasingly important for today’s learners. T21Con connects attendees with resources, strategies, and a network of experts to support their careers in education.

The Teaching in the 21st Century Conference (T21Con) is Thursday, November 6, 2014 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Bone Student Center, (free to attend). Click here for more information and to register.

For more information like this, visit our Events page regularly.

August Meeting

The first meeting of the 2014-2015 school year was held on Thursday, August 28th at 7pm in DeGarmo room 208. Scholars from years as old as 2010 and new as 2014 gathered to get to know one another and bond as an RSO. President Timothy Sullivan organized a speed-dating activity in which Gapples were able to rotate around the room, meeting each other and discussing their ideas and plans for their semester and their future teaching career.

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There will be a meeting each month with fun activities and updates for Gapples at ISU on what Golden Apple ISU will be doing. These will be held on the last Thursday of each month; the exact dates of these and other events can be found on our calendar.

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A photo gallery from this meeting can be found on our Flickr.

Back to School News & Events

Golden Apple ISU would like to welcome everyone back to Illinois State University for the Fall 2014 semester! The Executive Board has a lot of great things planned for the upcoming months, and our biggest goal is to get YOUR ideas heard! Stay involved and attend meetings and events to have a say in the direction of the club this semester.

This September 27th marks our 10 Year Anniversary as a Registered Student Organization, and we want to celebrate! We will hold the 2014 Golden Apple Formal on that day, a Saturday, at 7:00pm in the Prairie Room in the Bone Student Center. More information on this spectacular annual event will be posted soon.

There are a few more dates that Gapples at ISU are welcome to attend:

During the first week of school, there are two events of interest. First, on Wednesday the 20th from 5:00pm-6:15 at DeGarmo Plaza, the College of Education is holding their yearly Pizza Party!  All future teachers attending ISU are welcome to come attend to enjoy free pizza and drinks and to minge with other Education Majors. Various Education-related RSOs will also be making presentations at the party. Each year, Golden Apple ISU members attend in large numbers. See you there!

Second, on Thursday the 21st at 7:00pm in DeGarmo Plaza, Golden Apple ISU will kick off the school year the Gapple way with an Ice Cream Social! Along with yummy frozen treats to enjoy in the last days of summer heat, there will be games such as four square, continuing a fun sense of competition enjoyed at last Spring’s Relay for Life. This event is organized by the Executive Board and will be a great way to unwind informally before the first meeting – and at the end of days of poring over syllabi!

Festival ISU will occur Thursday, August 28th, from 10:00am to 3:00pm on the quad. It is a tradition at Illinois State University during which all campus organizations, clubs, sports, departments, and even local businesses gather on the quad in tents and booths to showcase their involvement in the university. This is a great chance for new and returning students to seek out new organizations to join and get a ton of freebies from candy to tee shirts. Golden Apple ISU will have their own booth, and we will be looking for Gapples to volunteer time to sit at the booth between classes and explain the Golden Apple Scholars Program to potential Pathway Scholars as they pass. Festival ISU will take

The first Golden Apple ISU monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, August 28th at 7:00pm – just a few hours after Festival ISU wraps up. The location is currently TBA. All Gapples at ISU are welcome to come to reconnect with the GAISU family after a long and busy summer and to get started on RSO business for the semester. As stated above, the Executive Board will be very interested in what all members want from Golden Apple ISU this Fall. We will discuss events, activities, and opportunities for Gapples at ISU.

We have a busy start to the school year for Golden Apple ISU! See you all soon!

Contact members of the Executive Board for any comments, questions, ideas, or concerns.

2014 Spring Banquet

The first annual Spring Banquet was held on Friday, May 2nd in the Circus Room of the Bone Student Center. It was a lovely night for Golden Apple Scholars at ISU to celebrate the wonderful year we have had with successful socials events, community service, and strong efforts to improve our RSO and reach out to the Golden Apple family in Illinois.

Following the outstanding dinner provided by the Bone’s catering services, Gapples watched a slideshow of the highlights from the school year and welcomed President Timothy Sullivan as he made a gracious speech. There was also an awarding of Gapple of the Month for April and May as well as those two Gapples who earned the most GA points for being the most involved this semester, and these were the same two Gapples: Demri Jade and Kara O’Sullivan! Finally, we recognized those Gapples who will student teach in the next school year and will therefore not be with the RSO next spring. They were each presented with a Golden Apple, a surprise courtesy of Katie Oberman!

The night was a bittersweet goodbye before finals week would commence. After singing along to ‘Lean on Me,’ a Golden Apple Scholar tradition, we said our goodbyes and went on our separate ways.

View the photo album from the banquet here.

Thank you to the Executive Board, especially Social Chair Katie Oberman and her Social Committee, for planning this great dinner. A special thanks to all of those who made time in their busy study schedules to enjoy one last night together for Golden Apple ISU. We wish the best of luck to our Gapple family as they take finals, head off to Summer Institutes, and take one step forward toward graduation!

GAISU raises $3,439 for Relay for Life

This year’s Relay for Life saw Golden Apple ISU double their efforts from last year! From individual team member fundraising, team donations, change collections, and the proceeds from the pillow sale the night of Relay, our team has raised a grand total of $3,439! This placed our team of 18 Gapples  in fourth place for teams at Relay for Life at ISU this year. A big thank you is in order for ’10 Scholar Kevin Glabowicz, who raised the most for our team at $1,570!

2014 saw a change from the last few years as Relay for Life was held outside on the quad. There was perfect weather to stay up all night walking, celebrating our efforts, and continuing to raise money until dawn. We sold almost all of our pillows made by Nate Titus’ Grandma June! The raffles were a great success, with every winner receiving a Domfather shirt from last year’s Relay and some candy or goodies for their classroom. The highlight of the night was certainly the intense series of foursquare games that our team played!

Our incredible efforts made a huge difference in the ongoing fight to end the devastation of cancer. Every day, the American Cancer Society helps people take steps to reduce their risk of cancer or find it early, when it is easiest to treat. They provide free information and services to cancer patients throughout their journey. The organization is investing in crucial research to  prevent, treat, and ultimately, cure all cancers. We feel that it is our honor and duty as future educators to do our part in helping the American Cancer Society to ensure that less and less people, including our future students, are affected by this disease.

Our team’s photo album for Relay for Life 2014 can be found here.

We will participate in Relay for Life again next spring, and we look forward to rising to this challenge once again. We hope that we can continue to make a difference and help to finish the fight!