2015 Elected Executive Board

At the December meeting on 12/4/14, a new Executive Board for Golden Apple ISU was elected.

President – Cassie Thill
Vice President – Alec Rigik
Secretary – Daniel Jackson
Treasurer – Demri Cameron
Social Chair – Katie Oberman
Service Chair – Kara O’Sullivan
Technology Chair – Andrew Frey

Congratulations to the new Executive Board and thank you to the old! We are excited to see the future of the RSO under new leadership. Also, thank you to everyone who came out to vote and help set the course for Golden Apple ISU.


Executive Board Election Results 2013

Thank you to everyone who ran and voted! The RSO has grown into something great over the years, and now we have a great year ahead full of wonderful ideas and plans. It’s great to see so many Gapples getting their voice heard.

Congratulations to the new Executive Board:

President: Tim Sullivan
Vice President: Jordan Oliva
Secretary: Dana Laren
Treasurer: Nick Ulferts
Social Chair: Katie Oberman
Community Service Chair: Alysa White (Spring); Lydia Wilson (Fall)
Technology Chair: Jenni Seger