2014 Spring Banquet

The first annual Spring Banquet was held on Friday, May 2nd in the Circus Room of the Bone Student Center. It was a lovely night for Golden Apple Scholars at ISU to celebrate the wonderful year we have had with successful socials events, community service, and strong efforts to improve our RSO and reach out to the Golden Apple family in Illinois.

Following the outstanding dinner provided by the Bone’s catering services, Gapples watched a slideshow of the highlights from the school year and welcomed President Timothy Sullivan as he made a gracious speech. There was also an awarding of Gapple of the Month for April and May as well as those two Gapples who earned the most GA points for being the most involved this semester, and these were the same two Gapples: Demri Jade and Kara O’Sullivan! Finally, we recognized those Gapples who will student teach in the next school year and will therefore not be with the RSO next spring. They were each presented with a Golden Apple, a surprise courtesy of Katie Oberman!

The night was a bittersweet goodbye before finals week would commence. After singing along to ‘Lean on Me,’ a Golden Apple Scholar tradition, we said our goodbyes and went on our separate ways.

View the photo album from the banquet here.

Thank you to the Executive Board, especially Social Chair Katie Oberman and her Social Committee, for planning this great dinner. A special thanks to all of those who made time in their busy study schedules to enjoy one last night together for Golden Apple ISU. We wish the best of luck to our Gapple family as they take finals, head off to Summer Institutes, and take one step forward toward graduation!

GAISU raises $3,439 for Relay for Life

This year’s Relay for Life saw Golden Apple ISU double their efforts from last year! From individual team member fundraising, team donations, change collections, and the proceeds from the pillow sale the night of Relay, our team has raised a grand total of $3,439! This placed our team of 18 Gapples  in fourth place for teams at Relay for Life at ISU this year. A big thank you is in order for ’10 Scholar Kevin Glabowicz, who raised the most for our team at $1,570!

2014 saw a change from the last few years as Relay for Life was held outside on the quad. There was perfect weather to stay up all night walking, celebrating our efforts, and continuing to raise money until dawn. We sold almost all of our pillows made by Nate Titus’ Grandma June! The raffles were a great success, with every winner receiving a Domfather shirt from last year’s Relay and some candy or goodies for their classroom. The highlight of the night was certainly the intense series of foursquare games that our team played!

Our incredible efforts made a huge difference in the ongoing fight to end the devastation of cancer. Every day, the American Cancer Society helps people take steps to reduce their risk of cancer or find it early, when it is easiest to treat. They provide free information and services to cancer patients throughout their journey. The organization is investing in crucial research to  prevent, treat, and ultimately, cure all cancers. We feel that it is our honor and duty as future educators to do our part in helping the American Cancer Society to ensure that less and less people, including our future students, are affected by this disease.

Our team’s photo album for Relay for Life 2014 can be found here.

We will participate in Relay for Life again next spring, and we look forward to rising to this challenge once again. We hope that we can continue to make a difference and help to finish the fight!

Relay for Life Update

10013788_10203515038455996_5248306262623161081_nRelay for Life is only days away! We are so proud of all of our team members for raising $2,900 and continuing their efforts over these last few days. Incredible work!

There is still time to donate! Submit cash or check to a Golden Apple ISU Relay for Life team member or donate online with a credit card on our team page here. Cash, checks, and even pocket change may be brought the night of Relay, which is Friday, April 25th at 6:00pm.

To the right is the design for our team shirts for 2014:

We invite all Gapples, both on and off the team, to attend our Spring picnic at People’s Park at 4:00pm on Friday. After enjoying pizza. we will all head over to the quad for Relay!

We will be having a raffle at the top of each hour. Members must be there to win, so it’s important to stay the whole night. The prizes get better and better each hour! Every raffle prize also has a bonus inside, so you definitely want these!

In the event that it rains, please not that Relay will likely be relocated to Redbird Arena, where it has been held in past years. Look for updates on Twitter and Facebook for this announcement.

10157222_10202517377473861_6258755961071460614_nA map of the quad for Relay, as well as our own team’s location, is pictured to the left.

The red arrow points to our location, which is in “District 12.” Use this map to find various locations the night of Relay. Please note the white arrows, which show the main Relay for Life track, as well as the locations of the stage, obstacle course, etc!

Don’t forget to bring money to use to buy some of the goodies that will be sold by various teams! Golden Apple ISU, for example, is selling ISU and sports themed pillows handmade by Nathan Titus’ grandma, like last year. Since these were such a big hit, she has made plenty this year! Note that if you want to buy one, they go quickly!

Bring blankets to sit on the grass or lawn chairs, but do not expect to take any naps! Relay is a very fun event that will keep us busy with obstacle courses, live performances, and meaningful demonstrations for cancer! Because of this, it is important to come early and leave as late as possible. You may also want to bring caffeine, though our team will provide some food and drink as usual.

Team members may RSVP to our Facebook event here to get more updates as we get closer to Friday.

Thank you all for your hard work, and continue to raise money for this great cause!

Relay for Life Update

This year’s Relay for Life event is coming up soon! Everyone has done an excellent job so far raising money. We have done so well, in fact, that Golden Apple ISU is currently in the lead at Illinois State University for funds raised with over $2,000! That is double our goal! Great job, everyone; you’re helping to end the fight against cancer! Keep it up until April, and be sure to thank everyone who has donated!


Now that the night of Relay is getting closer, it is time to make preparations. Nathan Titus’ grandmother has made an abundance of the quick-selling heart-shaped pillows that we sold at Relay last year. These will be in ISU and sports teams colors and will go for $10 each. If you want to buy one, now might be a good time to reserve one as these go very fast the night of Relay! Contact Nathan Titus to reserve a pillow.

Also, Community Service Chair Alysa White requests that everyone who is planning on doing Relay signs up for our team AND pays the minimum $10 donation by no later than Friday, March 21st. The following day, team shirts will be ordered. These will feature the Golden Apple ISU logo that we feature on our website! So, if you want to be on our team and get a shirt, please be sure that you sign up online by clicking “Join Our Team” here.

Keep up the fund raising, and great job! This is already our best year of Relay for Life yet! Keep making a difference.

Mark Your Calendars: Spring Banquet May 2nd

On May 2nd, 2014, we will hold the first annual Spring Banquet for Golden Apple ISU in the Circus Room in the Bone Student Center. It will be planned by Social Chair Katie Oberman and her committee in conjunction with the Executive Board, and it will serve as our final event of the 2013-2014 school year. We will celebrate this year for Golden Apple ISU, say goodbye to those graduating and student teaching, and have some fun before finals week and summer vacation. All Golden Apple Scholars attending ISU will be invited, as well as alumni of Golden Apple ISU and those at the office of the Golden Apple Foundation. More information will be released soon.

Educational Scholarships: Apply in March

Keep Calm and Carry Less Debt! Treasurer Nick Ulferts shared at the last meeting the College of Education’s Scholarship website. Here, those studying to be teachers can find a well organized and detailed list of scholarships for each major. According to Nick, many of these scholarships get very few applicants if any each year, so there is nothing to lose and plenty of financial assistance to gain by applying to several! They are open for application throughout the month of March. Follow this link to access the list.